About us

Our company is working on turnkey fruit juice projects. In addition, it offers turnkey solutions for Tomato Paste, Jam, Molasses,  Marmalade, Vinegar and Wine.

All of the process machines we use in our plant installations are carried out as domestic production.

We have the capacity to produce at least 10 stainless tanks at the same time in the fastest and high quality way thanks to the production line we have established in the production of stainless tanks. In this way, 200 cubic meters in the field, in the field, we can design thousands of tons of stainless steel tanks.

In order to ensure the fastest and highest quality of work delivery, we are able to provide service with our team of 40 engineers, 5 engineers and 2 technicians. For more than 20 years, we are an experienced company consisting of engineers who produce food machines.

Some of the machines we produce are some of the world standards in terms of both technical and automation; quality, capacity and technology. Various Evaporators, Ultra Filtration Machines, Pastors are some of them.